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Highway Ruins, American Beauty

Grover, Missouri was a small rural community 25 miles west of St. Louis. It had a population of about 200 when it was absorbed into the city of Wildwood in 1995. It sat along the famous Route 66, which itself had been decommissioned just 10 years earlier.

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Masters of the Track

Stan Masters (1922-2005) often quipped, “I'm not from the wrong side of the tracks, I'm from between the tracks”. The son and grandson of railroad laborers, Masters was born and raised in the noisy, hardscrabble world of steel rails and creosote ties. His grandfather, Grant Masters, began working for the Missouri Pacific Railroad in the 1890s as a 'section hand' near Sullivan, Missouri

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Review – Stan Masters America – Watercolors in the Great American Tradition

We can with the work of Stan Masters, safely anchor ourselves in the great American tradition. There is a timelessness about his paintings that gives a sense of purpose and permanence too often missing in modern art. He records the everyday scenes and sometimes, yesterdays, with an art approach at once traditional and modern, so that the viewer understands the artists' meaning exactly and is still allowed his own interpretation of it.

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