Evening After the Rain
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Evening After the Rain

10˝" x 17"


Framed in a beautiful 19th century frame of circassian walnut with bookmatched veneers and modern gilt liner. The mat is linen and the filet surrounding the picture is water gilt. All acid free materials and museum glass.

Giclée print: $295 (unframed) Signed by Carlene Masters, the artist's widow.

Please note: “Evening After the Rain” bears a striking resemblance to “Rainy Night” by Charles Burchfield (1893-1967). It's hard to imagine Masters didn't base his painting on Burchfield's, but we'll never know for sure. What we do know, however, is Masters' treatment of the subject could hardly be different. Burchfield's black sky is foreboding and the buildings have a dirty, gritty look to them. The dreary gray of the street and cars is relieved only by the yellow glow of the lights and the mysterious blood red reflection which appears to emanate from a single car. The man leaning out to pull the woman into the car in the foreground is more suggestive of film noir than chivalry.

“Evening After the Rain”, on the other hand, shimmers with romance. The rain has stopped, the crescent moon is out and the evening is aglow with elegant couples out on the town. Light from the trolley, cars, and gas lights reflects on the wet surfaces bathing the scene in warm color, inviting us into the cosmopolitan evening. Masters might have based “Evening After the Rain” on “Rainy Night”, but he tells an entirely different story.

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